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Regulator is a regular expressions testing tool integrated with
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These days, testing has been creating fuzz everywhere in some or the other form and The Regulator is a powerhouse application that has syntax highlighting and web-service integrated with database for testing online regular expressions. The Regulator offers the option of customizing things for adding own items. This application makes up for the lack of regular expression support in Visual Studio, and it’s an awesome standalone application.

Basically, regular expressions can be applied on textual content for pattern matching and hence are pretty efficient of handling data. The Regular expression editor helps in searching and replacing string and providing extended functionality for string handling operations.

The Regulator’s features include color syntax highlighting, IntelliSense-like hints, code snippets window, and complete access to a well known online library of common regular expression patterns; The package includes input and output windows, and provides a provision to input string for testing against various cases to see the matches found using the regular expression.

The Regulator automatically generates the C# code or Visual Basic implementation of the regular expression for pattern matching, string replacement, or string splitting with a mere click of a button.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Fully customizable & good functionality


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